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The FAN Charity

FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours. We support FAN Groups. We hold weekly meetings in South Wales and further afield. A friendly and relaxed way for local people and those from around the world to meet, talk and listen to each other. We sit in a circle, talk about our daily lives, our ideas and experiences.

Latest news

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FAN Plus .... Walking!

  18 July 2024

We have an exciting new FAN development.

In a FAN Group you can…

  • Make friends
  • Meet new people
  • Feel less lonely
  • Practise your English
  • Connect with your local community and the wider world
  • Talk about interesting topics
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Virtual FAN Groups

FAN groups are now meeting face to face and on Zoom, Monday to Saturday and offer anyone friendly a warm welcome.

Find your virtual FAN

Support FAN

All FAN Groups are free to attend but we are a charity and rely on funding to continue our work. If you feel you are able to give, your help will mean that we can host FAN Groups for free, for everyone.

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FAN Groups are free to attend, non-political and non-religious

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Introduction to FAN

Welcome to the FAN Charity Website. FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours. Here is everything you need to know about the Charity and its FAN Groups and how you can participate.

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What does the FAN Charity do?

The FAN Charity puts its adopted mission into practice. It supports and promotes the development of sustainable FAN Groups.


Find a FAN meeting

Find a FAN Group. All our FAN groups are now virtual - taking place on line using Zoom. So no matter where you live, if you have access to the internet on a PC, phone or tablet, you can join any group. Just find the perfect day and time for you.

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