We want FAN Groups in villages and towns of every country so that any local person or newcomer to the area can find a FAN Group and be sure of meeting a friendly face...

Photo gallery

Talking together -
Central Library FAN celebrates FAN at 15 -
FAN at 15! the celebrations begin and FAN founder Gill cuts the cake -
Happy Birthday FAN! celebrating at Oasis -
FAN @ 15 celebration at Grangetown Pavilion -
Launching a new FAN group at the Cwtsh in Newport -
Tweet from Community Gateway re Grangetown Pavillion FAN -
Celebrating Zahra’s birthday at Riverside FAN -
Celebrating Jose’s birthday at Riverside FAN -
FAN out and about at events -
Zahra and Sally at the MEC Health Fair in the City Hall - IMG-20160315-WA0002
FAN friends at the Celtic Languages tea party at MADE -
Christina from Celtic Language Academy at the MADE tea party -
Zahra receives the Pat Chown award on behalf of FAN -
FAN celebrates receipt of the Pat Chown award -
Oasis FAN celebrates the start of a new term, January 2016 -
Stacey FAN end of term celebration December 2015 - Stacey Xmas 2015 IMG_0166 (2)
Members of the Facilitator team line up for a team photo -
FAN Facilitators’ meeting in Cardiff October 2015 -
Jane, Naryman, Scott and Siperire sharing ideas from Cardiff and Swansea -
Sarah, Zahra and Debbie chatting over a nice cup of tea -
Scott relaxing at the Facilitator get together -
Naryman and Jane deep in conversation -
Huda in thoughtful mood at the Facilitator get together -
Saturday FAN friends Stephen and Simon - 12039314_535987146555485_9114697038186446949_n
Canton Library FAN – a busy meeting despite the summer rain! - 1779820_523428087811391_2480299300136067415_n
First Buzz FAN Baby! - Buzz FAN members Alganesh, Debbie and Feven at the christening of Feven's baby John.
FAN out and about in Whitchurch - Friendly RVS (Royal Voluntary Service) Volunteers finding out about FAN
Goodbye Raphael! - On Wednesday Canton Library FAN members lined up for a team photo, as we said goodbye to Raphael our madrileño friend (back row second from right).
Caswell Bay, Swansea. The beautiful coast of Wales. - Another photo from our Swansea visit.
FAN in Swansea - Olga, Zahra and Sarah visited Swansea FAN. We had such a warm welcome from Reverend Siperire and FAN participants. They meet at 10.30am on Wednesdays at Brunswick Methodist Church, St Helen's Road.  Do tell your Swansea friends about the group.  After the meeting we spent an hour in Caswell Bay.
FAN is 12! - Joyce, faithful FAN friend from our Salvation Army group, surprised Saturday FAN with a chocolate cake and 12th Birthday wishes.  Here's to the next 12!
FAN at Made, April 2015 - FAN at Made is growing and growing, as you can see from this wonderful photo.. why not join them on Thursdays at 11am - there are still seats to spare.
FAN in Newport - A warm welcome from Newport FAN. We meet in the Share Centre, 88 Stow Hill, Newport NP20 4DW,  every Tuesday at 10am and this is a warm and friendly group.
Ebbw Vale’s Friendly Group -
Canton Library FAN - Friends from Slovakia, Japan, Italy, Eritrea, UK and Iran
A very British tea party - Some FAN friends helped raise funds for Marie Curie in a beautiful sunny garden
Pontypridd FAN - All smiles at a recent meeting of Ponty FAN
Conversation class - FAN joined in with the Central Library's conversation class as part of a week of English language activity.
Wedding! - FAN friends were thrilled to go to the wedding of Rubina's son. It was wonderful! We felt we were in a Bollywood movie and everyone made us so welcome.
Goodbye Ricardo - Saturday FAN Group leaving lunch for Ricardo
Goodbye Ricardo - Saturday FAN's leaving lunch for Ricardo
Goodbye Ricardo - Janet says goodbye to Ricardo
Fan Lunch - Cooks and Dancers
Discussions - Saturday FAN friends
Friends and Family - FAN friends meet Zahra's father
International Women’s Day - Chatting with Monique on holiday from France
Such Alot To Share - FAN Groups are all about sharing your friendships with others
International Womens Day - FAN women talking on International Womens Day
Wojek & Agnieszka - FAN friends Wojek & Agnieszka in Poland in the snow
Each One, Teach One - Some FAN friends go early to FAN meetings to help others with English
Sharing Jokes - Two ladies share a joke after a meeting
Refreshments - Neville Alexander said about being on Robben Island with Mandela - every person there was a book and we could learn from each and every one of them. This is true in our FAN Group Meetings.
We all try to help each other - At FAN Groups we are all there to help each other
Sharing Books - We share everything in the FAN Groups, even books!
The FAN Lunch - Refugee Week 2007
The FAN Lunch - There were 250 of us at the FAN Lunch
The FAN Lunch - The Temple of Peace - 2007
What a picnic! - We had a rare day of sunshine so we all popped out for a lovely picnic!

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MBE accepted

MBE accepted on behalf of everyone who supports FAN Groups.

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Welsh Assembly Government Recognition Award 2010

Award accepted on behalf of The FAN Charity and for all those who attend FAN Meetings.

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