We want FAN Groups in villages and towns of every country so that any local person or newcomer to the area can find a FAN Group and be sure of meeting a friendly face...

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Swansea FAN Group

on Thursday, 25th February, 2010

Last November, Gill, Zahra, Nick, Omar and Amy went to meet with supporters of Swansea City Of Sanctuary to give a presentation about The FAN Groups. The Swansea City of Sanctuary is a movement by local people to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in Swansea. Swansea is working to gain ‘City of Sanctuary’ status by encouraging local organisations to get involved to support and welcome people seeking sanctuary. The City of Sanctuary viewed FAN as a great idea for their supporters to help bring people together in friendship in Swansea.

The first FAN Group meeting in Swansea took place on Tuesday 2nd February. The first meeting was well attended with 15 attendees. We hope the group is a great success.

The St Helen’s/Page Street FAN Group will meet every Tuesday between 10am – 11.15am at the Swansea Quaker Meeting House. If you would like to attend the meeting please contact 07880 630 553.

The FAN Charity has received offers of free weekly rooms at various libraries in and around Swansea for FAN Meetings to be held. The Oxfam Bookshop in Swansea has also offered a free weekly room for an evening FAN meeting to be held. Would you be interested in running a FAN Group? If so, please contact 07880 630 553.

  Great news!

Big Lottery Support!

The Big Lottery has awarded £59k to the FAN Charity to increase the geographic reach of FAN.

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  MBE Award!

MBE accepted

MBE accepted on behalf of everyone who supports FAN Groups.

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  Recognition Award!

Welsh Assembly Government Recognition Award 2010

Award accepted on behalf of The FAN Charity and for all those who attend FAN Meetings.

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