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Oxfam Cymru backs The FAN Charity

on Wednesday, 25th February, 2009

The FAN Charity have joined in partnership with Oxfam Cymru, after being awarded financial backing from Oxfam, enabling The FAN Charity to continue their work over the coming year.

Oxfam is well-known for its work relieving poverty and fighting injustice abroad, but a lot of people do not realise that they have programmes that work towards helping improve the lives of people living in the UK.

Oxfam Cymru recognised The FAN Charity success in creating a network of groups based in their local communities for people to listen to each other and give emotional support. Newcomers to the area are made particularly welcome and The FAN Charity also create a space for cultural exchange and a platform for all in the community to be heard. The world-renowned charity Oxfam has noted the impact The FAN Charity has had on community cohesion, reducing social isolation and promoting religious and racial harmony, understanding and respect for all.

Lynne Hughes of Oxfam Cymru said…
“All over the world Oxfam works with people affected by crisis. In the UK this means helping those who are fleeing persecution abroad and seeking asylum here. We work with asylum-seekers to help them overcome the prejudice they may face in the UK. As such we support projects that bring asylum-seekers together with their host communities to break down the stereotypes the groups have of each other, and help the communities to understand each other better. FAN is an excellent example of this.”

Gill, Secretary/Trustee of FAN was thrilled that Oxfam chose to back The FAN Charity. She said….
“Everyone admires the work of Oxfam and it was wonderful to have their support for a project to start putting things in place for The FAN Charity to become a National Organisation which as a result, will be ready to help and advise on setting up FAN Groups across Wales.”

Click here to visit Oxfam Cymru’s website.

Oxfam Cymru backs The FAN Charity

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