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Busy Bank Holiday FAN

on Sunday, 30th August, 2015

We really enjoyed the Saturday FAN Group meeting today! AND the sun came with us! It is always great if a newcomer joins us. Because it was a bank holiday week-end some regular attenders of the FAN Group were on holiday – but there were still plenty of us – larger number of course from UK but also it was so nice to listen and chat with friends from different countries, visiting or studying here. We were from UK, Spain, Italy, Iraq and Egypt. In the meeting we talked about what each of us enjoyed doing as a child. Some of us were very sporty and enjoyed weightlifting, table tennis, swimming, football, cricket and also from different countries we liked marbles. Some of us enjoyed making things and playing with elastic bands (American Skipping) and wool (Cat’s Cradle). Sometimes we think children’s games are to do with our own culture but in FAN Meetings we can see how children share the same sort of games in different countries. When the meeting was finished we all enjoyed a cup of tea or coffee and a little food while we went on talking.

  Great news!

Big Lottery Support!

The Big Lottery has awarded £59k to the FAN Charity to increase the geographic reach of FAN.

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  MBE Award!

MBE accepted

MBE accepted on behalf of everyone who supports FAN Groups.

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  Recognition Award!

Welsh Assembly Government Recognition Award 2010

Award accepted on behalf of The FAN Charity and for all those who attend FAN Meetings.

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