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  1. Hi, I recently heard Fan groups from my counsellor. It sounded very interesting for me and I would like to meet new friends too. Is there any Fan groups meeting in St. Mellons area?

    • Hi Sun Chong I am glad your counsellor thought you may like coming to FAN. Sadly no meetings in St Mellons at the moment. Take a look at the find a meeting page and see if there is a meeting you could get to. Perhaps in the city centre – central library 5.30pm on a Thursday? Let me know how you get on, Sarah

  2. Hi from Barry FAN
    Thought you might like to know about two Asian celebrations to be held in Barry Memorial Hall.
    On 22 July 2017 there is the Chariot Festival from 10am-3pm and on 13th August is the celebration of 70 years of Indian Independence from 10am-4pm. All welcome.

  3. Heard about FAN groups on Radio Cardiff — sounds like a great activity. I was wondering if there is any thing in the Pontprennau area in Cardiff?

    • Hi Omer thanks so much for your enquiry – the show on Radio Cardiff is so enjoyable and is bring information about FAN to a much wider public. Unfortunately we don’t have a meeting in Pentwyn yet – but it is definitely an area of Cardiff where we would like to have FAN. If you have some friends who would like to start a group, or know of a friendly venue which may be interested, do let me know. Meanwhile if you can get along to another Cardiff meeting please do. Sarah

  4. Hello, it’s a pleasure to find the FAN site. My lovely aunt in Cardiff mentioned belonging to a group and they sounded good to me, so I thought I would ask whether anyone can tell me if there are any groups near me. The challenge is, I’m a horrible Yank, across the Pond as they say. I live outside of Washington D.C. I don’t see any groups in the States yet but figured there was no harm in asking. Thanks very much and my best to all!

    • Hi Megan great to hear from you. Sadly no groups in the States so far, but the FAN model – as we call it, is available for anyone to start a group… if you have 5 or 6 friends who you think would like to try it, take a look at the ‘start a FAN group’ page of our website and download the open and close …and follow the instructions. Generally it is the taking it in turn that is most difficult – a different way of interacting to usual conversation.. but it does focus on listening and encourages anyone who is not used to being listened to. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Sarah

  5. Hi guys, am a ugandan but have been following groups closely. Am i eligible to be part of you. Thanks

    • Hi Benedict – good to hear from you. We have active groups in South Wales and you would be most welcome. Or follow us on Facebook or the website… if you read and like our principles, perhaps you will start a group? Kind regards Sarah

  6. Dear friends worldwide, FAN Pakistan is resuming its meetings after summer holidays in the country. We have started our University FAN Group, MDF (Management and Development Foundation) and Sewing Center FAN group in district Hyderabad sindh Province of Pakistan

  7. There will be FREE English Conversation Classes for friends of the FAN Groups at MADE Cafe in Lochaber Street (Near Albany Road in Roath Cardiff). They are every Wednesday and Friday for 6 weeks and start at 10.30 and finish at 11.30. If you are interested text Gill 0798-904-1495 We will take voluntary contributions from those who can spare a little – to help the expenses of the Cafe who are letting us have the room FREE.

  8. Hi from FAN Bridgend.
    I went to a meeting in Cardiff last night run by Hope Not Hate -which is to encourage celebrating what we have in common and challenging racism of any kind.
    It fits so well with our FAN ethos. Maybe have a look at their website hopenothate.org.uk.
    They are having a meeting on Thursday 21st July at Oasis, between 6-9pm Splott Rd CF24 2BW.
    The aim is to bring communities together to discuss how we can isolate the haters, and organise our ideas and enthusiasm together.
    Contact Tom for more info

  9. There have been some really fun FAN Meetings already during the summer break. If you are lonely in Cardiff, Bridgend, Ebbw Vale or other places with a FAN Group – do remember to go along and see if you like it! Go 3 or 4 times and you will soon feel that you know people.
    Butetown Community Centre FAN Group had a party for their last meeting before September when they start again.
    PLEASE look up our Facebook Community Page too where you will see little reports on lots of different meetings. Put The FAN Group into Facebook – and see it come up! Or click on the blue F (for Facebook) symbol at the top of this website page and it will take you there. If you click ‘like’ and you are on Facebook you will probably receive the regular notices. See you soon at a FAN Meeting!

  10. It is raining, the school summer holidays have begun and some FAN groups are taking a summer break … BUT … there are lots of Cardiff FAN groups meeting over the summer, so why not try a group you don’t usually attend?

    Full details will be on our Facebook page but Tuesday 10.30am at the Buzz Grangetown, 1pm Wednesday at Oasis in Splott, 5.30pm Wednesday at Canton Library, 11am Thursday MADE cafe in Penylan and 11am Saturday at 43 Charles Street (City Centre) all have summer meetings and will be delighted to see you. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Sarah

  11. Some of us are going to meet on the steps of the National Museum in Cathays Park at 10.00 a.m. Come along if you are interested. We will look at some of the exhibits and no doubt have a cup of tea or coffee.

  12. Hi FAN friends – Zahra and Sarah will be in Butetown twice this week – firstly on 18th May for Monday FAN at the Community Centre (1.30pm with lovely free creche) and then again in the Tiger Bay Suite @ Loudoun in the Culture and Media Centre (above the doctors’ surgery) on Thursday 21st May from 10 am to 1pm. We’ll be telling people about FAN and there will be lots of other useful organisations there with information about courses and activities in Cardiff. Be good to see you too!

  13. The numbers coming to FAN are growing and everyone is so pleased to meet new friends whether from the UK or from other countries. We have such a great time getting to know each other. This Easter holiday lots of us have got together – sometimes in a cafe with a cuppa or lunch, sometimes friends have visited each other and of course people in Monday FAN enjoy popping to IKEA and in the holiday FAN members from different Groups have got together there over breakfast. FAN Groups start again this Monday 13th April. See you there friends!

  14. Sarah and I enjoyed a trip to Bridgend this morning. It was a lovely drive down in the Spring sunlight. We met Gill and Dina who are thinking of starting a FAN Group in Bridgend. We liked Bridgend – everyone was so friendly. We went in to the Zone – and they may find us a space to run the Group – all the staff were so friendly it was great to meet them. Here’s to a FAN Group in friendly Bridgend!

  15. It was a great meeting on Monday afternoon. We laughed and got on well. Each person talked about their week and about the subject – the subject was holidays in childhood. Although one lady was from Iran and another from Wales they found their childhood holidays had been the same. A car had been very important and the family all squeezed in to go to the seaside. It was interesting to hear about different holidays in different countries. In the Group we came from Wales, Yemen, Somalia, Iran and Egypt.

  16. I felt so good after getting to Riverside Womens FAN Group this week. It was such awful weather – blowing and cold and wet. The meeting was tiny – lots of the regulars couldn’t get there. BUT it never matters with a FAN Meeting – it always seems to work. If there are just a few of us – we seem to get deeper into the subject. If there are more of us there is a different atmosphere – but always you are welcome. We talked about the role of women in the world and how it needs to be improved. A good subject for this week because March 8th is International Womens Day.

  17. Hi FAN friends – just to let you know that we our Advanced English for Work Group has now finished as we met for 6 sessions. Those who came said they found it very useful. It is amazing what extra helpful things we learn from each other. If you or anyone you know is interested in a new Advanced English for Work Group – please ask at a FAN Meeting or email this site welcome_all@thefancharity.org

  18. Lovely new group in Newport started yesterday. We are meeting in the Share Centre, 88 Stow Hill, NP20 4DW. FAN friends from Bangladesh, India, Syria, Algeria, China, Russia, England and Wales enjoyed an hour talking together about what we liked about Newport… on the whole we found lots of things to like! The friendly people, the mountains and hills around and the shops! If you live in Newport why not come along onTuesday at 10am? We’d love to see you.

  19. Great to have so many FAN Groups meeting again in the New Year. I also heard that Trinity FAN has started on Tuesday afternoon. Made Cafe FAN Group attender is also running English Conversation Group for FAN attenders. Let’s keep encouraging and supporting each through 2015!

  20. Hi Everyone, Isn’t it great to have our 2015 FAN Groups running again! I felt more normal after going to MADE Cafe FAN Group yesterday! Great to see old and new friends there!

  21. Love the new look website! Really fresh and clean looking and much easier to get about. Thankyou Gareth!

  22. We used proverbs, sayings and idioms in the meeting. An idiom is a saying where the words have a different meaning from the actual saying. e.g. It is raining cats and dogs. (which Shelan gave us). This is a well known idiom. Of course it doesn’t rain cats and dogs but people know it means it is raining heavily. Another idiom is… it blew my mind. ‘ This means you were very surprised or shocked. If someone is very careless and they break a lot of things or upset people we say they are like ‘a bull in a china shop’. Can find an idiom to put on our message board? See you on Saturday!

  23. At Saturday FAN Nuha set us off on a really interesting discussion about idioms and sayings. It was quite difficult to think of them at first, but soon we came up with a good collection. I thought of ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’ – where broth is thin soup and too many people helping can end up with too much salt and a muddle BUT ‘Many hands make light work’ especially when there is much to chop or peel or a lot of food to prepare. If you can think of more sayings do send them to the message board and we can have a FAN collection.

  24. We are pleased to share with my FAN friends around the glob that His Eminence Archbishop Ramzi R. Musallam, the ruling bishop of Catholic of Church of the East in Pakistan is coming to Pakistan in the month of November and will meet our FAN groups and other activists. His episcopal visit will bring us new hope and joy as we are suffering due to terrorism and uncertain political situation in the country. FAN groups have been contributing towards peace and friendship and bringing people together in friendship and love. FAN groups in Pakistan continue spreading message of friendship and we need to establish many more FAN groups in Pakistan. Let u join hands and hands and continue working for this noble cause.

  25. Just to let you know that MADE FAN Group goes between small and large the whole time – but it is ALWAYS interesting. Last week we had a really good subject that other Groups may like. We talked about what great historical events you can remember. The only danger is we might talk too long – but everyone in MADE Group knew we just each speak for 3 or 4 minutes and chat afterwards. Thanks to Dan for that great subject!

  26. Some friends have asked us if we know when the funeral is for Caz. It is next Wednesday 17th September at 11.30 in the Big Chapel in Thornhill for those who perhaps wish to go.

  27. Lots of your friends from the FAN Groups were very happy to hear your news that you have another member of your family. AND we were pleased to know that your wife and the baby are well. We miss you Ziya but we hope you are very happy back with your family.

  28. Very positive response to FAN mailout by Roz from Diverse Cymru. Their website http://www.diversecymru.org.uk has a lot of interesting information about Equalities issues and now includes information about FAN. Hope to see Roz at a FAN meeting soon.

  29. So nice to be at Riverside Womens Fan Group today – always a warm and friendly welcome there for everyone. They are starting a Men’s FAN Group there on Wednesdays (first one tomorrow 3rd September). Men of any faith and background are most welcome to meet with others in friendship. Meeting starts at 2.00 pm in the afternoon.

  30. FAN Pakistan is deeply saddened about a certain death of a FAN member in the UK. May her soul rest in everlasting Peace. Our condolences to her daughter and all FAN friends.

    FAN Pakistan is meeting regularly and making many new friends. Though political situation in the country is very bad and our corrupt government and political leaders are doing inhuman acts to just save their power and chair. FAN is a ray of hope and new life to us all in these critical circumstances in the country. FAN strongly condemns brutal killing of peaceful protesters.

  31. Friends in FAN Groups who have been coming to FAN for a long time and those who started FAN Group in Salvation Army Grangetown will be sorry to hear the sad news we had today. Carol-lynn (always known as Caz) who was a volunteer in our ESOL class in Grangetown and helped start FAN has died suddenly. It was a great shock to hear about it. Our deepest sympathies go to her daughter and family. She was very special and I certainly remember her with love and gratitude. R.I.P.

  32. How are you all? Our baby was born last Sunday evening at 8 o’clock. We are very happy and very thankful for God, because he gave us a very nice gift. We were waiting normal delivery but last Sunday there was some problem with my wife and baby. We went to the hospital as as a emergency situation. We stayed in the hospital three days but now Alhamdulillah the baby is born and both are well. We called him Ahmad Davud. I missed you all Fan Group friends.

  33. Ten FAN friends enjoyed Saturday FAN and lunch today. We discussed whether we were City people or Country people at heart… I think the City won – although we would like to have elements of the country in the city too, and it did depend on the size of the city. Cardiff got a big thumbs up! We also talked a little bit about football as it was the beginning of the Premier League season. See you next week.

  34. Another lively meeting in Canton Library today. I was sorry I had to leave early and miss the end of a very interesting conversation. So nice to see so many people – and all from different countries. Thanks to the kind staff, too, who have provided us with water during this hot weather.

  35. FAN groups in Pakistan are actively meeting in friendship and love and also taken an initiative to work to save environment. The youth, volunteers, community members and FAN attenders are planting trees in Sikandarabad, district Jamshoro and also organising awareness seminar for youth and FAN attenders on the theme of Global Warming. FAN groups are the main source to attract people for love and friendship and also involve FAN attenders in social development and human rights activities along with the issues of global warming and environmental protection. I feel blessed and privileged to be part of FAN in Pakistan and this concept I learnt from UK FAN meetings during my stay in Wales 2006-2010.

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