We want FAN Groups in villages and towns of every country so that any local person or newcomer to the area can find a FAN Group and be sure of meeting a friendly face...

Find a FAN Meeting

There are new FAN Groups springing up all over the place!

Choose your nearest town from the list below to see a list of meetings for your area. If there are no FAN Groups near you, click here to find out how to start one.

FAN International

The FAN Charity, UK lists FAN Groups that want to run FAN Meetings. FAN Groups are small independent groups which choose to run meetings as 'listening groups' and welcome people of all backgrounds who are friendly. To 'listen in silence' until it is our turn to speak, is our way of showing respect to all.

FAN attendees ask if there are FAN Groups in other countries. Upon request we will provide links to Organisations in other countries.

We have provided these links to facilitate information about international FAN Meetings. Our decision to provide you with links to organisations in other countries does not constitute or indicate review, endorsement or approval. We have no way of knowing how they are run.

Please check carefully with local people that the meeting is in a safe venue and take care to find out if they run correctly. If you attend a good FAN Group why not write to the message board? Let us know if there is a problem.

Below is the map of the world… FAN started in the UK in 2003 and this year 2012 it has started in the first country outside of the UK – that is Pakistan.

  Great news!

Big Lottery Support!

The Big Lottery has awarded £59k to the FAN Charity to increase the geographic reach of FAN.

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  MBE Award!

MBE accepted

MBE accepted on behalf of everyone who supports FAN Groups.

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  Recognition Award!

Welsh Assembly Government Recognition Award 2010

Award accepted on behalf of The FAN Charity and for all those who attend FAN Meetings.

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