We want FAN Groups in villages and towns of every country so that any local person or newcomer to the area can find a FAN Group and be sure of meeting a friendly face...

Frequently asked questions

What does FAN stand for?
FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours.
What are FAN Groups about?
Individual FAN Groups are independent community groups  that hold meetings where people listen to each other with respect.
What happens at a FAN Group?
The FAN Groups meet for one hour in a listening circle. One of the group starts the meeting and while the meeting is in progress, one person at a time  speaks and we all listen. The person who starts closes the meeting and then we can chat.
What does it cost?
There is no payment for attending a FAN Group meeting. Some meetings take a voluntary donation at the end of any meeting to help with rent.
Do I have to do anything?
It is just about being friendly, you don’t have to do anything and some people just listen in silence.
Is it religious?
FAN Groups are not associated with any religion. A group may use church halls and similar for their meetings but wherever a FAN group takes place people of any faith or no faith are welcome.
How do I find a FAN Group?
Please look on the Find a FAN Meeting button on this website to find a convenient meeting.  If you’d like more information please use the Contact Us page. Or, you may wish to get some friends together and start one yourself – have a look at the starting a FAN group page.

  Donate to FAN

You can now show your support for The FAN Charity by donating to us via the Charities Aid Foundation.

  Great news!

Big Lottery Support!

The Big Lottery has awarded £59k to the FAN Charity to increase the geographic reach of FAN.

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  MBE Award!

MBE accepted

MBE accepted on behalf of everyone who supports FAN Groups.

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  Recognition Award!

Welsh Assembly Government Recognition Award 2010

Award accepted on behalf of The FAN Charity and for all those who attend FAN Meetings.

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