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About us...

The FAN Charity encourages people to know about FAN Groups, where people meet in a spirit of friendship. Anyone who enjoys meeting others or who is lonely will be sure of finding a warm welcome. FAN groups create a sense of community and are a wonderful network.

FAN stands for Friends and Neighbours. Who is my friend? Who is my neighbour? Come to a FAN Group and you'll meet friends and neighbours and feel more hopeful for the world. It's a great opportunity for local people to meet newcomers. Very few people know all their neighbours these days!

We chose a FAN logo with a map of the world because we dream of FAN Groups across the world - a great international family linking hands in friendship.

FAN Groups run the same way on the same principles. In the meeting (up to an hour) we sit in a circle, often with tea or coffee and read a line of the opening statement. When it is our turn to speak, we introduce ourselves, talk a little about our week and about the chosen topic. We speak only when it's our turn. We listen to each speaker in silence and chat after the meetings. If you're learning English many FAN Groups can find English speakers willing to help. There's no charge for coming! Some Groups have a voluntary contribution. Most meetings do not have facilities for children.

Come to a FAN Group and share an hour with others - local resident or visitor - we'd love to meet you. It is amazing what interesting people you meet!

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